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Watercolour Painting Update

So it’s been a couple of weeks since I published a blog … and boy has it been a tough one ! I won’t go into details but my anxiety has been high and there’s lots of changes going on … but I feel stronger now and know it’s for the best. Sorry that’s vague but very soon I’ll be able to reveal more !!

But to the subject of this blog … I’ve found that when I am anxious, painting in watercolours is just the best therapy! It’s so relaxing, and I manage to zone out from my worries. So unsurprisingly I’ve had lots of practice recently and I’m really proud of how much I’ve improved since my last blog post about it.

I’ve now filled my beautiful Audrey Hepburn sketchbook and can’t wait to get more paper so I can keep going !

I ordered another paint palette from Hobbycraft – nothing fancy but I was desperate for more colour choice! I also bought some more brushes and a palette for my tube paints. The little set up I have now is so lovely … it instantly relaxes me when I lay out my paints.

The way I’ve been working is browsing Pinterest, Instagram and google images to find inspiration … whether it be copying an image to practice certain techniques or planting the seed of an idea and setting off from that ! I think working this was has really helped me improve as it meant I could concentrate on the techniques rather than the idea … I’m getting much more confident with just freestyling it which is really exciting…

I’ll do a quick round up of my favourite paintings that I’ve done so far !

This was my first proper painting that I did after practicing … I am so happy with how it turned out ! I just did some splodges of watered down blues and greens for the background. And then I used a fine paintbrush and black paint to add the details. I love the bold shapes of the leaves and then I shook the paintbrush over it to leave specks of black. I really love this one, it’s kind of whimsical and dream like …

The next one I did was this display of plant pots. Each plant and pot is different and I love how they work together. I’m really proud of the shading and textures that I managed to achieve particularly with the shadows on the pots! I’d possibly change the shelves a bit but I really want to frame this one !

The bike was painted whilst I was using my bike lots during the beginning of lockdown. My bike is pretty but nowhere near as beautiful as this one! I’m so in love with the colour and again the shading went really well. Imagine just cycling along with those flowers around you … again I want to frame this one, one day !

This door is probably my most detailed painting so far … there are a few things that I would change but overall I’m really pleased with it! The door came out particularly well, but I’d try to improve the steps as I don’t think the depth and shadows are quite right. I had photo for inspiration an did find it tricky to work out the perspectives.

The wreath was a quick paint but one I really love! It was done on a day I was really struggling to stand up for myself so I decided to get a bit motivational with my quote! The pretty flowers were really relaxing to paint as they are so delicate and in my favourite colours. I’d really like to paint some more really delicate flowers as they are so beautiful!

Again this one was done whilst feeling quite stressed … but it did really calm me down. The colours are really beautiful and any time I can use the paintbrush to flick paint across the page is good with me! I painted the flowers and then found a lovely quote to paint over the top of it. As with before I just used a find paintbrush and black paint. I think I would frame this one too as it really is pretty !

The final one is all in blue ! I decided to stick with a colour scheme and go crazy with the flowers! I really love this effect, it almost reminds me of patterns painted on delicate china. It got a lot of love when I posted it on Instagram Stories … a couple of people even said I should get it printed on fabric which would look so cool !! I just went with the flow on this one and kept adding until I filled the page, I just had to know when to stop…

I’m so proud of how much I’ve improved and particularly how much I’ve grow o enjoy it ! It’s so lovely having something that you can do when you feel stressed or anxious as so often I sit and stew with my thoughts … not good!! I’m so excited to get started on my new pad of paper and am definitely going to start framing them and maybe even give some as gifts !


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