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Making a Macramé Wall Hanging

Macramé has been a craft that has always appealed to me … I love the simple, organic look which is created by all the knots. And since trying it for the first time with Zoe from Too Cute To Quit, when I made a beautiful plant hanger, I knew I had to do more.

However it has taken me a little while to get going again! I ordered some macramé cord from Hobbycraft which was £6 for a 200g ball (81m). Its a braided style and comes in some really lovely colours. I bought Mustard and Linen as I thought they were nice basic colours to start with. Fustratingly I can’t find how thick the cord is but it’s not super chunky macramé cord so be aware of that!

Now I just had to work out what to make!
During the Crafters Market online craft fair I spotted Mindful Macramé’s wall hanging kit … however I knew that I had the cord already, as well as some sturdy sticks from the garden which I thought I could use for the hanger. So I messaged Jane asking if there was a way I could buy the tutorial and instructions without the materials. I was amazed when I received her reply, she offered to send me the videos for free in return for a post on social media. I promised to go one up and write a blog about making the piece as I was just so grateful !

I decided it would be the perfect project for one of the very hot days we were expecting … I cannot sit in my sewing room when it gets above 28 degrees as it becomes hotter than a greenhouse!! So I often have to find jobs and activities I can do elsewhere … this was perfect as I set up a picnic blanket in the garden and got to work!

Jane had created a really comprehensive video tutorial across 5 videos. I had used square knots before but other than that all the other knots were new to me… but Jane talked through each knot and captured them clearly on camera. She talks through at a good speed and lets you know when you can pause it to just go ahead at your own speed. Jane has a really calming voice so it was lovely to listen to her talk through the process, no way you could get stress whilst listening to her !

I found the whole action of knotting repeatedly so therapeutic. Once you get the hang of each knot it becomes easy to switch off and enjoy the process. It was a lovely way to spend a hot afternoon and I was so so pleased with the final result!

I think my finished wall hanging turned out smaller than it would if you buy the full kit from Mindful Macramé due to the fact my cord is thinner … but I love the design! It’s also given me the confidence to maybe try and freestyle my next one as I feel like I’ve been able to practice the basic knots. I’ve got lots of cord to use so I need to get making ! They’d make lovely gifts as they are really unique and if you’ve made it yourself that’s even better right!?

If you fancy giving macramé a go I’d definitely recommend getting a kit or attending a workshop first … it just guides you through the process instead of going in blind! Jane also sells plant holder kits too so if you’d like to try that instead there’s always the option. I love the plant holder I made at the workshop with Zoe and definitely want to make more of those too !
Jane’s kits are £19 and include everything you need … the cord, predrilled and threaded wooden hanger, written instructions and the video tutorial. These would also make great gifts ! Find them here on her Etsy page!

I’m so chuffed with my 2 macramé creations and can’t wait to make more … it won’t be too long till I’m going crazy and making everything macramé !!


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