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Safiya Dungarees

So as you may or may not have gathered …. Tilly and The Button’s wonderful patterns are my favourite! And as soon as I saw other amazing sewists making the Safiya Dungarees I knew I needed to make at least one pair for myself. I was particularly inspired by 2 versions – the first being What Abi Makes’ double gauze version. I hadn’t even thought about using double gauze but her pair looked so comfy and cosy that I knew it was something I needed in my wardrobe! And fortunately I had some double gauze in my stash that I won with Sew Hayley Jane!
And the 2nd version I saw was Tilly Walnes’ black linen version with beautiful gold pattern (which she printed using fabric paint and a potato!) … I’m not one for black but the linen looked so lovely that I ordered some navy linen from 1st for Fabrics.

The pattern is pretty straightforward however I had to make a few adjustments to get it fitting right. Firstly I have quite a short body ! So I did have to adjust that quite a bit … I think (sorry I don’t know the exact measurements) I took off a few cms from the bottom of bodice. I couldn’t take a huge amount off as the crotch doesn’t have a lot of ease (something that I have since changed for the trousers!) so just had to work with what I had cut out !!

I also had to adjust where the straps sat at the back, they were sitting too far under my armpits. I guess it’s because I have quite narrow shoulders, so I simply moved them round towards my shoulder blades. This made a huge difference to how the whole piece sat when I wore it so I was glad I adjusted this! I do think I may change the front placement next time too as they sit quite wide and the neckline gapes a bit on the linen version (as you can see below!).

I think the final change/addition I made was to add on belt loops. I did this after wearing the double gauze version for the first time! It was very frustrating when I went to the toilet as the belt wasn’t attached to anything. So with the addition of belt loops it made it much easier !! A very important consideration when wearing a jumpsuit as we know !

So I think that’s everything to say about them except to say how much I love this pattern! I really love the shape of it, how different it looks in different fabrics and it’s such a simple piece to wear and style. I think I may make more in the future … possibly in a lighter weight fabric like a cotton or even a viscose. I’m also a huge fan of the trouser/shorts variation of the pattern … but that’s for another time !!


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