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The All Well Workshop Box Top Pattern

I thought I would introduce you all to the All Well Workshop Box Top pattern … it’s a wonderful pattern that has so many amazing hacks to try. Just look at the artwork and Amy’s (one half of the team behind the business) styling of them! I’ve made 4 versions so far but I know that won’t be all… especially when there’s so much inspiration on Instagram!
So a quick description is that it is a basic boxy top that if you make it in the simplest form it is just 2 pattern pieces! Then you can add sleeves, a peplum, a skirt, lengthen it into a straight dress, add patch pockets, inseam pockets, a waist tie, cuffs or even colour block! The possibilities are endless and it’s amazing being able to mix and match to create so many different garments. In this blog I’m going to talk you through the different versions that I have made so far and maybe a few extra plans …

As part of my lockdown sewing I decided to tackle a few me made items that aren’t quite working for me. One of the first ones was a dress I made for last Christmas, it was made from some beautiful rifle paper co. cotton bought from Cloth and Candy. I only had just over the metre and realistically that was too tight to get a gathered waist dress out of – but despite this I still tried ! And didn’t really succeed … I wore it on Christmas Day but that was the only time. So I grabbed it out of the wardrobe and got to work, the original pattern that I used was the All Well Workshop Box Top but it had strayed away from the original pattern! I unpicked it at the waist, as I had tried to add in a waistband to make the dress longer, then I added the peplum skirt back on. I tried it on and then cut it to the length I wanted.
And that was probably the best thing I could have done … in maybe 2 weeks I’ve worn the top maybe 4 times as opposed to wearing the dress once 5 months ago !

Since then I’ve also made another top in exactly the same style because I love the Rifle Paper Co version so much! Last year I bought a remnant of green and white stripe seersucker from Holm Sown which I think was about 1 metre … I knew I wanted to make a top but couldn’t decide on a pattern. So when I knew I wanted another peplum top I suddenly had inspiration! I used the basic box top pattern along with the peplum add on (which I made longer to make the most of the fabric!). However this time I didn’t cut the back piece on the fold, instead I added about 2cm on the centre seam so that I could fold it over and create a faux button placket. It was such a simple hack and looks really effective – even if I do say so myself ! I finished it off with some brown wooden buttons and my new favourite way of hemming … using the rolled edge hemming setting on my overlocker!

I think the first version that I made of the box top was actually a dress … I added a gathered skirt to the top and of course pockets! It is made out of some cotton that I managed to scout out at a charity shop last year … its such a cute design and something very different for me, I don’t often go for white. But I really like how it turned out, it’s a great, comfy throw on dress !

And the only other version that I have made is a sleeved version. When I made my Cocoon Coat I bought a lovely black and white spot viscose from 1st for Fabrics for the lining, and I ended up with quite a bit left! So I managed to squeeze a box top out of it with sleeves just above the elbow and it’s a great basic top. However when I tried it on to take photos the sleeves aren’t quite sitting right for some reason, so I may unpick the sleeves and leave them like the other three versions … we’ll see !
The whole top looks completely different when sleeves are added and even more so when there’s no peplum which is why I love this pattern! And different when made in different fabrics … my other 3 versions are made in stiffer, cotton fabrics rather than the floatier viscose of this one.

I’ve got lots of fabrics that I think would make perfect Box Tops ! I’d like to keep experimenting with new hacks … maybe button placket down the front. Or possibly an exposed gather. I might even add pockets or colour blocking to use up my scraps ! So many options … I urge you to go, buy the pattern, peruse the hashtag #allwellboxtop and then buy all the fabric (or shop your stash!) – you won’t regret it !!


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