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Me Made May

So it’s only a few days into Me Made May but I’m really loving taking part or the first proper time! In previous years I haven’t had enough me made garments to wear for the majority of a month or I’ve been at work multiple times a week where I have to wear a uniform. So now that I have a more substantial handmade wardrobe and I’m not at work due to lockdown I thought it would be the perfect time to take part!

I decided that setting myself the task of wearing me made every day of the month would possibly be too big of a challenge. Therefore my pledge is to wear a me made outfits 5 days of the week – I may do more but I thought it would give me a bit of leeway for days when I don’t fancy wearing handmade, or don’t want to pose for a photo!

I’ve also started taking proper photos everyday … I even dug out my fancy camera which hasn’t had as much use since I upgraded to my iPhone. It’s been something that I’ve really enjoyed so I’m hoping to keep it up for the month … although we are only a few days in so check back with me in a couple of weeks !!
Here’s my set up … as it happens I rearranged the corner of my bedroom and it has created a perfect photo spot.

Another thing that I wanted to achieve during Me Made May is to really assess my wardrobe and work out what needs to be added. So far I’ve found that I need some more trousers that aren’t jeans ! This is huge for me as up until maybe 2/3 months ago I was in a phase where I never wore trousers … but now I’m really enjoying wearing jeans and trousers. So I’m on the hunt for some lovely trouser patterns and of course some fabric !! Any suggestions very welcome …

And the final thing I’m aiming to do is finish more WIP (work in progress) projects and rework any garments that aren’t getting much wear. I’ve done this already with a few dresses that haven’t been quite right and so far it’s been very useful – I’ve gained 2 t-shirts from 2 dresses that just didn’t fit quite right/ weren’t quite me! I’ve got a whole pile of half finished projects, clothes that don’t quite fit, clothes that just aren’t quite right – so these really need sorting and if lockdown isn’t the time to do it when is ?

I’m super excited for the rest of the month and can’t wait to see what everyone else achieves … Instagram is just the best place during Me Made May!


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