Tilly’s Tabitha T-shirts!

Ok, I’m going to start this blog post by saying you need to make yourself a whole range of Tabitha T-shirts!
But let me tell you why …

First off the pattern is from Tilly and The Button’s newest book Make It Simple. It has a front piece, a back piece, sleeves and a neckband. It’s super simple and a great shape. I had to narrow the shoulders slightly but other than that the size 4 (my normal size in Tilly’s patterns) fit me perfectly. It’s quite a boxy t-shirt with short sleeves that in the scheme of things are quite long – however I’ve found that they look cute rolled up and kept in place with a couple of stitches.

I’ve made 6 now and each one looks different! I’ve used cotton jerseys for each as I prefer the feel and felt that a more sturdy jersey would be better as opposed to something like a viscose jersey. But I suppose a viscose jersey would work and just give you a different look !

My Tabitha T-shirt Collection

On four of the 6 tshirts I’ve used cotton ribbing for the neckband. I personally think that it worked better than using the same jersey. When I didn’t use cotton ribbing the neckband doesn’t sit as flat which is a shame, I wonder whether shortening the band or even making it narrower would work better so might give that a go next time I want to use the same fabric.

I think the first one that I made was as part of a pj set … I had a remnant of some adorable whale cotton jersey that I had made a dress from a couple of years ago. So I managed to squeeze out a t-shirt and a pair of shorts … I’m not quite happy with the fit of the shorts yet but the t-shirt is super cute! As I mentioned the neckband doesn’t quite sit flat but as they are pjs I’m not too bothered.
Also you might be able to see that the shoulders are quite big … I kind of used this as a wearable toile and didn’t bother adjusting as I thought that I would prefer the top to be baggier for pj’s.

Ok so the first day to day wear one was made using some white cotton jersey that I think I got for free somewhere … it had a few marks on it but I managed to avoid them when cutting out. I used grey cotton ribbing from fabrics galore for the neckband as I’m not a big fan of completely white t-shirts. As this one was my first I made it up without any changes and then tried it on, I then unpicked the sleeves and moved them in to narrow the shoulders.
Afterwards I ironed on my cricut vinyl of The Beatles logo which I made in black glitter … and I love it !!
The Beatles are my favourite band and as I mentioned in my Cricut Joy blog (find it here) I had a white tshirt with a black logo in mind so was thrilled to make it a reality …

The second one I made was a pink cotton jersey with deep grey coloured ribbing for the neckband. The pink jersey was from Girl Charlee before they closed their UK website – its a lovely dusky rose pink that is one of my most favourite colours! I cut the shoulders narrower before sewing this time based on how much I had to cut off the white one and it worked much better.
Obviously I decided to add a little bit of cricut magic … this time in the form of Moomintroll from the Moomins. Again see my previous post to find out how I made it … it was surprisingly easy once I got my head around mirroring the image and separating the outline and main shape. And I love the result so much …

The third one was made from some jersey I bought from Fabric Godmother at The Stitch Festival. Its a super cool turquoise and mustard leopard print – I’m not a huge fan of normal leopard print but these are two of my favourite colours so I couldn’t resist! It’s a beautifully soft cotton jersey again and this was the other one that I decided to use the jersey for the neckband as well – it would have looked super cool with mustard ribbing but I didn’t have any of that and didn’t want to order some just for 1 neckband! But I love the result and have of course added a little iron on transfer – I had the perfect mustard flocked iron on vinyl from Happy Fabric so cut out the words ‘choose happy’ in beautiful calligraphy style writing and ironed it onto the front of the tshirt. I love it (are you seeing that I really love this pattern!!)

The next one was is made from another wonderful cotton jersey from Sew Me Sunshine which has the most beautiful space print on it. There are planets and stars in lovely teals, corals and grey on a black background. I fell in love with the fabric as soon as I saw it at The Stitch Festival and couldn’t resist buying a metre for a t-shirt! I added dark grey cotton ribbing for the neckband as I thought it could do with some plain to break up the pattern. And of course I had to add some more iron on vinyl however this time as it is such a busy print I decided just to add little stars. So on a few of the grey stars I added glittery stars in some teal and coral glitter vinyl that matched the planets perfectly ! The vinyl was from Happy Fabric once again – they have an amazing range so check them out – they are open and shipping on certain days so do go and support them!

The final one was actually made when I was going through all my me mades that don’t get worn or don’t fit. I had made a red and white striped Ruska knot dress by named clothing but it never fitted properly, then I added a Joni skirt to the bodice but still I never wore it. So I laid the pattern pieces on the skirt and managed to squeeze out a t-shirt. And even better I managed to keep the hem in tact so didn’t have to hem the t-shirt !! It also meant that the sleeves have a seam running from the shoulder to the sleeve hem, which with the stripe pattern looks really cool – a happy coincidence! I decided to use white ribbing for the neckband of this one which really gives it a smarter look.
And of course I added a little iron on design … this time a cute little bunch of flowers with the words ‘no rain no flowers’. Amazingly this one is fast becoming my absolute favourite !!

So I hope that has persuaded you to give the Tabitha tee a go ! It really is a lovely easy pattern that you can make out of so many wonderful colours and prints ! It’s taking all my strength to resist buying all the jersey whilst we are on lockdown … these are some of my particular favourites so if you haven’t got any jersey suitable in your stash and fancy treating yourself I definitely recommend checking these out ! I’m trying my hardest to resist the urge to buy these !

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