Trying Out Watercolour Painting

As most of us have had a lot of extra time on our hands, what with lockdown and all … I’ve decided to try out a couple of new ‘hobbies’! The first one being watercolour painting …

I’ve never been a lover of painting to be honest … art was never my favourite class at school but I fancied giving watercolour painting a go as I’d seen so much beautiful inspiration online. I knew I had my old watercolours from college as well as some paintbrushes and a beautiful sketchbook that has been calling out to be filled!

The paints that I’ve been using are in two different forms – 1 solid palette and 1 set of tube paints. At the moment I don’t think I have a preference but it will be interesting to see if I do develop a preference as I go on…
They’re not super professional and to be honest I’d love to get some other palettes with more of a range of colours but for now these are fine.

So I logged onto my free trial of Skillshare and found a watercolour lesson to get me started … this was a huge help! I started from the beginning and was taught how to test all the colours. This was surprisingly useful, I learnt how to paint each colour to see the variation of shade you can make from each colour just by watering it down. They also taught me about how some colours are more opaque than others and this is shown by painting over a black line and assessing how much you can see the line through the paint.
It was really interesting to see how the colours came out differently when used and as they said, it has become a really useful resource when choosing what colours to use.

Next up they showed how to create a mixing chart … again another very useful exercise! By mixing every colour with each other I managed to create a full chart showing how they look when mixed. So when I’m deciding what colour to use I can refer back to the chart and find what colours mix together best.

So once I had finished all the experimenting with colours I moved on to trying out some actual paintings. I went straight to Pinterest and looked at ‘watercolour painting for beginners’ and there was so much inspiration! I tried lots of different images from leaves and flowers to bumble bees and avocadoes! All with varying degrees of success …

I couldn’t believe how relaxing it was … I genuinely spent 2 days just painting and felt amazing afterwards. It was wonderful learning and trying out the new technique and I can’t lie, I’ve been looking at more supplies online ! I really want some bigger paintbrushes and maybe another palette of different colours but at the moment I’ve not ordered any … maybe I should try and wait until we can visit shops again where I’ll be able to look around a bit.

But in the meantime I’m going to keep practicing and see what I can create … be sure to follow me on Instagram as I’ve been posting lots of stories when I’m painting !

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