Sewing Plans

It’s been a couple of weeks since I popped up a new blog post but with a busy week at work and then everything else happening at the moment in the world (which I’m not dwelling on as too much is getting into my brain and stressing me out at the moment!) it’s just been too much! But my brain has a little bit of space to think and I decided to sit and write this …

I’ve had a recent run of beautiful fabric purchases so I thought I’d do a little run down of what they were and what I’m planning to make with them. The last few months have seen quite a few fabric purchases/gifts and I’m excited to get some of them sewn up asap … so I won’t feel as guilty that they are sitting there!! P.s that’s only a small percentage of it !!

First up is one that I’ve actually made since taking these photos … but this is something I’ve been wanting to make for a while as there have been some gaps in my cardigan/jumper collection!
I bought this sweatshirt fabric from Sew Me Sunshine at The Stitch Festival as I was searching for a navy knit fabric to make either a Tilly and the Buttons Nora cardigan or the Bertha cardigan from Tilly’s new book.
It’s so beautiful as it has lots of little multi coloured specks to break up the navy. The fabric has a cosy fleece back but it’s not too thick meaning that I should be able to wear it all year round !
I actually love it so much that I’ve bought it in a stone colour to make another one …

Next up is a pattern I’ve been desperate to make ! As soon as the Tilly and The Buttons Bobbi skirt was released I knew I needed it !!
… I won this floral denim from Gather n Sew last year and I think it’s going to be the perfect skirt to wear with tights and boots but also bare legs and sandals in the summer. It’s cut out and ready to go so fingers crossed I’ll be able to make it as soon as possible!
And there’s also a wonderful khaki green needlecord which I’d like to make another from – I actually won this one as well but from Felicity Fabrics ! Inspired by Purple Sewing Cloud I want to try adding a scalloped hem as I think it would look so beautiful with the deep khaki …

This make is another one that I’ve managed to finished before getting this blog up … I made a Freya dress this time last year and had some of this wonderful whale cotton jersey from Fabworks leftover. I’d been saving it for some pjs and when I saw the Shortie version of the Juno Pj’s in Tilly’s new book I couldn’t resist! I was planning to use white jersey to make the top but actually I had enough of the whale fabric to make both… they don’t take up that much fabric which is amazing.

Ever since I made my first Indigo dress I’ve wanted to make a floaty viscose version … when I went to The Stitch Festival I couldn’t resist this beautiful viscose. I love a stripe and a floral and this one combines the two ! I want to make the dress version (which I’ll probably have to shorten!) probably with the exposed gather and I want to try and make the sleeves work this time.

A couple of nice quick projects are these two beautiful jerseys that I’m planning on making into Tabitha t-shirts. I found these both at The Stitch Festival – the space one from Sew Me Sunshine and the Leopard print is from Fabric Godmother. I can’t wait to make these … I’m also planning some plain ones which I’m going to add iron on transfers to! I bought a Cricut Joy and have been experimenting so watch out for lots of design ideas (spoiler I’ve already made a little moomin, a narwhal and some Beatles themed designs!!). Actually as I’m writing this I’m wondering what I could add to these two fabrics too …

I can’t resist making another Mandy Boat Tee and this pastel orange stripe (from Girl Charlee before they closed in the UK) will be perfect! I don’t wear a lot of orange but I’m excited to try it out. And you can’t go wrong with a stripe !!! This will be another simple make particularly as I have made 3 already !

I’m desperate to make these dungarees from Tilly’s Make It Simple book, but trying to decide on fabric is proving tricky !! I can’t decide whether this fabric will work … its a textured viscose (from Gather n Sew … they don’t have this colour but do have it in mustard here). I was planning on making a dress with it but I’m really loving wearing trousers and skirts at the moment so wondered if this was a better use of the fabric. But then it’s lovely and drapey so to me is calling out for a dress … I’ve got some double gauze so might give that a go instead…
Does anyone else struggle with committing to making with certain fabrics ?

These three have been in my stash for a while and I love them so much! However I’m so undecided on what to make – I think they would make lovley tops as I only have 1m of the greens (both remnants from Holm Sown) and 1.5m (I think) of the floral (again from Gather n Sew). But which ones … I found this pattern in my stash which I might have a go at, particularly the scalloped edge ones! I also really want to make the Hannah Wrap dress as a top so am wondering about using the floral cotton lawn for that. I also love the All Well Workshop Box Top as it’s a beautiful simple pattern …
What’s your favourite top pattern? Leave your suggestions below !

So there’s most of my plans … although I have got a few other bits that I’ve started or have planned since I took all these photos! Be sure to follow me on Instagram as I’m posting more and more stories whilst everything is going on and I’ll be showing progress on there.
Hopefully I’ll be back very soon with another blog as this was actually really nice to write once I sat down … Speak you soon !!

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