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A Day At The Stitch Festival

The last fabrics that I bought were from The Textile Centre … their stall was fascinating! They had lots of rolls of beautiful fabrics mainly crepes, viscose and cottons. And they had many of them draped up over the surround of the stall … it was so eye-catching and definitely attracted me to the fabrics I eventually bought. As soon as we got to the stall I spotted a beautiful crepe that I couldn’t stop thinking about … it was similar to a black based crepe I made a Stevie dress out of and I loved working with it and adore wearing it. This one was navy based with a vibrant floral print and only £5 a metre … I was very restrained and bought 1m as I think I’d like to make a top out of it. And then then I bought 2m of a really lovely floaty viscose in an unusual red stripe and monochrome flowers print … I think it could make a beautiful Indigo dress or similar. Again this was £5 a metre !!

One of the stalls I was most looking forward to visiting was Happy Fabric … I’ve really enjoyed experimenting with iron on vinyl but was limited in the range of colours and effects that I have in my stash. So that meant I needed to purchase some more ! I grabbed a few different colours including black, white and grey as I thought they’d be really handy. I also chose some new glitters and a pink flock as they were so beautiful! It was lovely chatting to them and Hayley asked to take a photo of us with the bag I made using Happy Fabrics which was fun … I can’t wait to get crafting with my new colours!

The final purchases were 2 vintage belt buckles from Accessories of Old in dreamy colours – can you tell I love turquoise and pink yet? I’ve no idea what I’m going to use them for but they were only £1 each and too beautiful to leave behind!! They had boxes and boxes of vintage buttons on the original cards – I managed to resist but possibly regret this decision …oops!
And also a giant burgundy button from another stall … I’ve been thinking about adding a fastening to my Cocoon coat for a little while just to give me a bit more warmth when wearing it in colder weather. So when I spotted this beautiful button I knew it would be perfect! It matches the colour exactly and I’m planning to use a small piece of elastic to create a hoop to fasten. I can’t wait to add it on.

I’ve rambled on quite a bit now so I’ll pop some photos I took during the day below but I just wanted to mention Sew Yeah’s space which she shared with Katie Jones. As I said I had been watching Instagram stories in the run up to Sunday and had seen that Christine (Sew Yeah) had created a giant embroidery hoop for people to add bits of embroidery too during the event! It looked amazing and I loved adding my little bit to it … I’m getting so into hand embroidery that I think I could have stayed there all day !!

We had such a lovely day out by far the best thing was chatting to lovely creative people (oh and the fabric buying was a bonus too!!). I’d definitely go back next year as it was really inspiring and has given me so many ideas … all in all a really amazing day !

Final thought … look how beautiful it was wandering around London !


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