A Day At The Stitch Festival

On Sunday I went to The Stitch Festival held at Business Design Centre in Islington after winning tickets from @ooobop on Instagram ! I spent Thursday, Friday and Saturday constantly watching everyone Instagram stories and feeling so jealous. I was so excited to see all the wonderful businesses and maybe make a few cheeky fabric purchases … I’ve never been to the Knitting and Stitching show or any of the other sewing fairs before (although I do love The Handmade Festival!) so was interested to see what it was like. And it definitely didn’t disappoint !!
It was an early start for a Sunday but it was such a beautiful day … we (my friend and I) sat on the platform waiting for our train and the sun was so warm (who remembers what that felt like!?!). We arrived at 10am ish and straight away got stuck in visiting Higgs and Higgs, Fabrics Galore and Sew me Sunshine/ The Fold Line. A fabric lovers dream !!! It was so lovely being able to stroke all the fabrics and feel the quality.

My first purchase was some dreamy navy sweatshirt fabric with multi-coloured specks throughout it. It’s going to be either a Nora cardigan or a Bertha Cardigan but either way its going to be ridiculously snuggly. I bought it from the lovely Harriet from Sew Me Sunshine who was so helpful! In fact we ended up at the Sew Me Sunshine stand many times during the day … you know you’ve bought too much fabric when the stallholders recognise you!! Harriet had 2 lovely helpers with her too, Louise who I love watching on Pattern Pals and was so willing to pass on tips and tricks! And Harriet’s godmother Gael who was so warm and welcoming every time we came to the stall.
I also bought some burgundy sweatshirting from the same range but that’s to make a gift! Shhhh …
And the final thing I bought from Sew Me Sunshine was this absolutely dreamy jersey … I mean look at those beautiful planets !! I think it’s a cotton jersey and feels so lovely, perfect for making a cute tee shirt – probably the new one from Tilly’s book

I also bought another cotton jersey but from Fabric Godmother … it’s a really pretty turquoise and yellow leopard print which was so unusual that I couldn’t resist! Again I think it will be a basic tee like the new Tilly pattern from the Make It Simple book!
I’ve always really loved Fabric Godmother’s fabrics and have bought many online before but it was really nice to be able to look through the wonderful range they had on display. Also they had decorated their stall in that amazing yellow tile style print that just looks amazing whenever anyone makes something with it !!


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