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2020 Plans …

This year I’ve decided not to do a make nine as last year the 9 garments that I chose weren’t really practical makes! And by the end of 2019 they weren’t my style … so all in all it didn’t work that well!
So this year I’m going to choose a few garments along with some resolutions …

1. Sew more basics!
I have a lot of T-shirt’s, long sleeved tops, cardigans etc that I’ve had for years and now don’t wear quite so much. This is either because they’re getting a bit old or they aren’t my style. So I’d like to make some key basics.
The Mandy Boat Tee by Tessuti Fabrics was a great starter as I love the style! I need to find a basic tee that I love too – maybe the Tabitha t-shirt from the new Tilly and the Buttons Make it Simple book. And I also want to make a few Nora cardigan hacks or even the Bertha cardigan from the new book!

2. Try something bigger/trickier …
I’ve already taken some steps towards this ! I’ve bought the Cocoon coat from Sew Over It along with some beautiful herringbone wool mix fabric from Holm Sown (It’s in the sale and comes in 4 colours ! A proper bargain!) … I just need some lining and then I’m ready to get making. I want to get started with this as soon as possible so I can wear it during Spring.
The other trickier make that I want to try is the Libby shirt from Sew Over It … again I’ve got the fabric ready to go. It’s going to be worn mainly for work so I’ve chosen a pale blue cotton but if it works I would quite like to make some more casual versions too!

3. Shop my stash!
I’m not going to ban myself from buying fabric but I’m going to concentrate on using up my stash! There are lots of fabrics that I’ve had ideas for but just never got round to deciding and making … so I will do that in 2020.
This one links to the next resolution …

4. Plan More
Along with shopping my stash I want to plan. I’ve always been someone who buys fabric because it is pretty and then I decide what to make with it after … so I’d like to try and pause more before buying! I’m going to think about what to make and whether it is necessary in my wardrobe.
Writing lists is something that I like doing so if I try to be stricter in sticking to the plans hopefully that will help with using up my stash and making a more useful wardrobe.

5. Wear more skirts and maybe trousers !?!?
I very very rarely wear trousers, for some reason I don’t feel as ‘me’ in them ! However I have been loving so many tops which would look best with jeans or even some skirts … so I’d like to try and expand the range of outfits I have to choose from in my wardrobe.
I wore jeans the other day with my Mandy Boat Tee and actually thought it looked quite nice so I’m excited to try mixing things up more!

6. Salvage some of the garments I’ve abandoned !!
I’ve got a pile of makes that haven’t worked for whatever reason – normally it’s a fit issue or the style doesn’t suit me … but I want to make them work! A few of them shouldn’t take too long – for example a Nora gathered waist dress just needs the waist raising and then hemming! Simple! Others are a little trickier, like the button up dress by In the Folds (Peppermint Magazine), I need to unpick the facing, take in the princess seams, shorten considerably and then add snaps … hopefully then it will fit and become a useful garment!
I’d also like to stop creating this pile !? Surely that’s not too difficult right !

And then I’ve got a few garments already planned – these are the most immediate ones I want to make …

A new work skirt out of some chunky ribbed ponte
A new work shirt as I mentioned earlier
A By Hand London Hannah dress is definitely needed – possibly a wearable toile top first!
Another Indigo dress but maybe this time in viscose
I’ve also just bought the Bobbi pinafore and skirt from Tilly and The Buttons and can’t wait to make that!

And of course my Cocoon Coat in beautiful burgundy herringbone wool mix … wish me luck with that !!

So hopefully I’ll be able to follow these resolutions to make myself more productive and stop excessive buying/making. Fingers crossed anyway!

I’d love to hear about any of your plans/resolutions – head over to Instagram or comment below!


2 thoughts on “2020 Plans …

  1. Some great plans here Megan. I have wanted to make the Libby shirt for SO long! I really should get my act together and do it. Looking forward to watching you progress through these make x


    1. I’ve been trying to choose out of the Libby and the Kalle but finally decided and I really looking forward to making it … wish me luck !


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